SALT LAKE CITY — In an effort to take proactive steps to stop the potential spread of the new coronavirus, Gov. Gary Herbert announced a recommendation to limit mass public gatherings in Utah to 100 people for at least the next two weeks, beginning Monday.

That does not include public schools, which will remain open for the most part. Meanwhile, several Utah colleges and universities announced Thursday steps to move to online courses as events on campuses are halted.

“I think everyone understands that things have changed in the last 24 hours in a significant way,” Herbert said, as he stood in front of a large screen displaying the slowly rising number of reported COVID-19 cases and fatalities across the globe.

Speaking from the State of Utah Emergency Operations Center on Thursday afternoon, he told reporters, “We’re not seeing a community spread of the virus, which is good news. But we do know — based on the evidence we see here — that spread is going to occur, so we’re taking significant action to amplify what we’ve already been doing.”

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