BOUNTIFUL — Having exceeded the life expectancy of an average American male by 23 years, Dr. Lloyd Hicken seems positively unimpressed by the accomplishment.

“I never expected to live this long,” Lloyd says with a good-natured shrug, deflecting any attention to his longevity other than to agree he’s 101 at the moment, and will turn 102 in less than a month on April 1, something he’s planning on being present for.

Dr. Hicken is clearly a live-for-the-present, roll-with-the-flow, don’t-sweat-the-small-stuff-and-it’s-all-small-stuff kind of person — which may in itself be a commentary on lasting a century and then some.

By his own reckoning, there have been 13 times in his 101 almost 102 years that he could have, probably should have, perished. Beginning with when he came into the world at 5 12 months, or barely half the normal gestation period. Continue Reading–>